We’re backing better public transport and need your help!

We recently announced a plan for a new high-frequency bus service that would link Woolloongabba to Hamilton via the CBD.

We’re calling it the Gold CityGlider.

We’ve already committed our share of the funding for this exciting new service because we recognise these areas are growing fast and will soon be home to key Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games venues.

The Gold CityGlider would not only provide more express journeys for residents.

It would help tackle congestion by encouraging more people to leave their cars at home and use fast and convenient public transport.

Under our plan, the service would run 18 hours a day from Sunday to Thursday and 24 hours a day on Friday and Saturday.

During peak hour periods, the service would operate every 10 minutes, moving to 15 minutes during off-peak periods, with 30-minute intervals after midnight on Friday and Saturday nights.

However, despite the State Government moving ahead with their plan to significantly increase population in Woolloongabba and Hamilton Northshore, they are refusing to fund their share of the Gold CityGlider.

Brisbane is Australia’s fastest-growing capital city and now is the time to be improving transport, not condemning residents to further traffic congestion.

Proposed Gold CityGlider route

I am asking for your support to help us convince the State to back the Gold CityGlider.

Help us let the State know that tackling congestion in Brisbane must be made a priority.

Together, we can help make Brisbane even better!

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