With such varying weather conditions in Brisbane, land movements are a natural part of our environment and can often cause footpath and road damage.

Brisbane has close to 5,000km or footpaths and we routinely carry out more than 1,400 footpath repairs every year.

Our policy is to inspect and report all footpath issues within one working day, or within two hours if it’s considered high risk.

High risk footpaths are made safe within one business day and lower risk locations are made safe within five business days.

We’ve allocated up to $47 million for footpath improvements this year alone.

In relation to potholes, Council fills approximately 70,000 potholes each year. We operate, once again, on a 24-hour urgent response timeline, with smaller routine repairs completed within seven days.

These repair statistics are among the best of any capital city in Australia.

If you notice damaged footpath or a dangerous pothole, we would always appreciate if you could report this online or via our 24/7 Call Centre on 3403 8888.