For a while now, all three levels of government have been working together to upgrade Beams Road, including the Open Level Crossing.

However, the Federal Government recently announced they are reviewing this and other federally-funded projects. This review will last 90 days and decisions about whether Beams Road and other projects will proceed are due later this year.

Regrettably, this has put a spanner in the works on our Beams Road project. While Council is ready to award a contract to start the works, ratepayers could potentially be out of pocket $41 million on the upgrade if the Federal Government walks away from this project.

We have written to the Federal Government reaffirming our commitment to contribute to this project and intend to make a submission to the Federal Government on the importance of this major road upgrade to our local community.

Please join me in telling the Federal Government:

The Beams Road upgrade is important for our community.

With more people choosing to move to Brisbane it is essential we invest in local roads to reduce traffic congestion in our suburbs.

It simply doesn’t make sense to be cutting investment in road projects at this time.

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